How Virginia Attorneys Help During Major Life Events

Virginia residents will experience many life events. These occurrences could equate to a violation of state laws. When facing civil or criminal allegations, these residents need a legal representative. A Roanoke Traffic Lawyer could help these residents avoid events that damage their lives.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Drivers facing large fines for speeding tickets have the opportunity to fight the violation. To start the process, these drivers must present a reason for why they were speeding. Their attorney must gather evidence that supports this line of reasoning. Common reasons are obstructed views of speed limit signs or avoiding a potential hazard. A Roanoke VA Traffic Lawyer helps with these cases.

What to Expect With Child Abuse Allegations

Child abuse allegations require the child to be taken into protective custody. Social services are called to the scene and begin a case. If the allegations apply to a former spouse, the child is released to the care of the opposite parent.

A social worker is assigned to begin an investigation. They interview the child to determine if these allegations are true. They perform a home study to evaluate the living environment of the defendant.

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At the same time, law enforcement begins a criminal investigation. The child is interviewed by the officers and a child psychologist working with the agency. A medical examiner is assigned to the case to examine the child.

The findings of all investigations and examinations are collected by the prosecutor. This evidence is presented to a judge. The judge determines if it is a viable case.

A child abuse conviction requires an extensive prison sentence. These crimes are classified as a felony most often. If the victim is the defendant’s child, they could lose their parental rights. If they maintain these rights, the court will order supervised visitation. Defendants facing these charges should hire a Roanoke Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately.

Eliminating Shared Fault in Accident Litigation

In Virginia, accident victims could face allegations of contributory negligence. This ruling implies that they shared the fault in the accident. If proven, this ruling could reduce or eliminate their monetary award. They need a Robert F. Rider PLC. to help them.

Virginia residents need an attorney to stop convictions and protect their rights. Among the circumstances that require assistance are moving violations, criminal allegations, and shared negligence. Virginia residents who need legal help should contact an attorney in the appropriate field to help them immediately.

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